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Intuitive Responsive Web Design

Hunt Web Development specializes in intuitive responsive website design. Intuitive, easy to use and understand. Responsive web design is a web design approach aimed at designing sites to provide an optimal viewing experience. Easy reading and navigation with a minimum of resizing, panning, and scrolling; across a wide range of devices from portable devices to desktop computer monitors.

Presently 60% or more of all internet access is from portable devices such as smartphones and this percentage is rapidly increasing as the years go by. The bottom line is this. If your site does not display well or function well on a smartphone you are not reaching the largest majority of internet users. Especially the younger generation. If your site is hard to use, loads slow, and frustrates the user in any way, they will they never visit it again.

Websites developed by Hunt Web Development look good on portable devices and function well.


Hosting from $129.99 a year including domain name registration and renewal.

Site design from $499.99 (ten pages or less)

Site maintenance, yearly from $199.99

Includes code updates, content updates, and site security. Content updates are done same day they are requested.

Search Engine Optimization $199.99

One time setup fee for entire site.

Site Check $199.99

Is your site intuitive and responsive. Is there anything about it that is aggravating to the user? Usability, or User Experience (UX), is the art of making your website simple, user-friendly and easy to use. Are there any broken links? Check the functionality of forms, shopping carts, newsletters and email communication.

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