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Tablets and Phones

I first began developing websites while working as a computer room supervisor at a VA Facility Library in 1998. Back in those days things were entirely different. First, there were no portable devices such as smart phones and tablets. For the most part, everyone had the same screen size, 800 pixels. Developers where called webmasters and where using software such as MS Front Page or Macromedia Dreamweaver where one could view the page and the code side by side. The location of content in a webpage was fixed and almost everyone used tables combining rows and columns to place images and text on the page. Cascading Styling Sheets, a language for describing the presentation of webpages, including colors, layouts, and fonts, was just beginning and developing.


Today’s websites must be responsive. They must change, adapt, and flow so that they will display on various screen sizes ranging from Desktop PCs, Laptops, Notebooks, Tablets, and Smart Phones to display and function equally well on any device. For the first time in history the amount of internet use by portable devices exceeded the standard desktops and notebooks in November of 2016. It is estimated now that 60% or higher of all internet searches and use are being done from Smart Phones. If your website is not responsive and will not display or function on a portable device, you will not be reaching more than half of all internet users.


I started this web design and development company to serve organizations and small businesses in the community that I live in, Linn County, Oregon.

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